A member posted on the forum asking for people's experiences with whippet puppies as they had a pup they had bred returned to them shortly after it leaving home. The people had said the pup was more lively than they expected and they couldn't cope. Here are the replies to that question;



My number one piece of advice to new owners - expect to need a puppy crate and don't be afraid to use it.


I'd also add chewing the corners of furniture to your list, especially upholstered furniture, and gnawing on the cross bars between the legs of dining chairs - usually easily prevented with a few growly no's, a bitter apple spray or similar and lots of things that they are allowed to chew.





What a shame Evie's new home hasn't worked out, but glad that her new owners had realised and returned her while she is still young. I really don't understand why people don't realise what taking on a puppy is like, but what a good idea to start this thread.


However, they are lovely dogs, or why would we love them all so much, so I hope it doesn't paint them too black.


The main trial with Ruby, which I am sure is very characteristic of all whippets, is how she could fly through the air at such a young age. She could jump on the sofa at 8 weeks and now it is just part of her teriitory. She also leaps up onto me with such a force if I am sitting down, which can be a pain. As you say, Dawn, quite a whirlwind.


But, on the positive side, from arriving at my home, at 8 weeks old, she has been amazingly clean, and she never cried at night. Maybe I was just lucky, but I do think whippets are very clean animals. Also they bring hardly any dirt in on coat and feet. She has lots of toys, and is crated at night and if she has to be left alone, [which isn't for long] so I have never had the problem of her chewing things she shouldn't. [Hope I haven't spoken too soon]





Tug of war with something they have and you want because they shouldn't have it is potentially inevitable (I'm down one favourite silk scarf) but if at all possible swop the not allowed thing for something they can have and don't start tugging in the first place. Also, obviously, teach the 'drop' command in this way from day one.


Also expect that anything you'd rather they didn't do, e.g. pinging the door stop maybe - they will probaly insist on doing ever more once you try to stop them. Puppies are very, very persistent. Finn's favourite was/is to pull things out of the front pocket of my handbag which is kept within the dogs reach, he'd take them out, I'd put them back, he'd take them out again - he eventually learnt that gloves and car keys were verbotten but will still pinch tissues and shopping lists to shred given half a chance.


Pauline you are lucky if Ruby's never even tried to chew things. Finn is crated if left on his own, which isn't often, otherwise he's with me, but he still had plenty of chewy moments when I had to smartly stop him. He's done no damage yet though, touch wood.






I wouldn't say that she wouldn't chew things given the chance but I suppose I don't give her the chance. Also reading your post has reminded me that she does like to steal and rip up tissues, she is also a minx at turning out the waste paper bin. It's just that if she has to be left alone she is crated, and therefore I have no chewing damage to precious things because I am with her and able to stop her before any damage is done. And also I do what you suggest. If she picks up something she's not allowed she is given one of her toys instead.





I'm really sorry to hear that you have had to collect her, but like Pauline has said, at least she is still very young bless her.


So onto what to expect with puppies……


I'm going to deal with the four whippets that I've had separately as they were all very different. They do have one thing in common though as tiny puppies, they loved to play. Play with everything!


It goes without saying that the good undoubtedly outweighs the naughty, but there are times when a whippet pup can test the patience of even the most experienced owner I think.




Very very hyper, constantly looking for things to chase.

He used to jump up like there was no tomorrow.

He was also my worst hand biter. Not with me, but with my son and partner. He used to rag their hands, their clothes, their hair.....

Major Separation Anxiety




As opposed to Winx who never had an accident, Jakey was a shock. He wasn't clean and asking to go out for two weeks.

He would destuff any cuddly toy in a matter of seconds

There were a few holes dug in my garden within a very short space of time

He loved to grab any bit of laundry and run round the house with it




What can I say...the perfect puppy lol!

Seriously, only thing that went aganist Ruso was the NOISE I have never known a dog to make sooooo much noise when playfighting with the other lads. Mind you, he's now a couple of days off his first Birthday and he's just as loud!

























Enough said lol!


I really hope you find a loving home for Evie soon and I advise any prospective owner to read, read, read. Books, Forums, the Internet. Anything they can get their hands on. Then beg to go and see a litter of 6 week old whippet puppies having a play session. That should let them know what they're in for....








Being a new puppy owner this year I was expecting hard work, but I have to admit it was harder than I expected.


When we got Wally he didn't whine the first night and we thought it was going to be easy. But he certainly made up for that first night by whining loudy every night until he was a few months old. He was crated and would whine as he would not go to the toilet in his kennel, so we had to get up to let him out. He was more or less house trained when we got him which was great, but caused sleepless nights for us. For a while we severely lacked sleep!


I also remember soon after we got him having dinner one evening and he was in the kitchen howling at the top of his voice for the whole meal.


You also have to watch puppies all the time. He would eat anything he could in the garden.

He was extremely rewarding and fun to have but very hard work at times


But I must say it was all worth it and he is fantastic now! I would do it all again so maybe he will have a friend at some point. Just please do not underestimate what a big responsibility a puppy is and how demanding they can be.





Hmmmmmmmmm, just some of the things I can think of, no doubt I shall return and add more.


Crying at night when crated, even thou they had other dogs for company.

Large holes in the garden

Hanging from the bottom of your trousers!!

Ragging with sleeves and clothes.

Leaping on the furniture, then off, then on!!

Jumping at you and expecting to be caught in mid-air.

Peeing in the house during cold wet weather when young


All these things are to be expected with any young pup during the first few weeks, I always advise a crate, correctly used, for when pup cannot be watched. One of my owners didn't take this advice and their dog ate the kitchen units!! Mind you, it did get his mum a nice new kitchen!



Sorry it didn't work out for Evie, I am sure you will have no problem getting her rehomed to the right place though


Please excuse my ignorance as I don't have children - only animals - but I would say that if you are going to have a puppy you need to look at it like a baby is coming into the house, ie. child/puppy proof anything you are not prepared to have damaged and be prepared for some sleepless nights and mess. It is not something to be done lightly and takes work and time. Fairly obvious to me having come from a family that always had animals, but can be a complete shock to people if they have not had experience of animals.


But for any small downsides - you are more than repaid by whippet kisses and hugs xx



... Leaping on the furniture, then off, then on ...


and off and on and off and on and off and on, which wears you out, but not them ........................ happens here too!





I always tell potential puppy buyers (although this is my first litter I've talked to more than dozens of people looking for whippets) that whippet puppies are HELL ON WHEELS! Climbing walls, bouncing off ceilings.... Never 4 feet on the ground at any one time (unless sleeping or peeing) And that it doesn't truly end till around 2 years old. Everyone looks at mine and think they are SO good, but Dawn, Richard and I know better! As babies they were terrors. They didn't chew things they weren't supposed to only because I didn't let them (Savannah helped Dawn get a new carpet for the kitchen after she decided to take it up thread by thread). Teya was probably the worst and the best all in one. I trained her with a water spray. When she touched something she wasn't supposed to she got a shot of water. She'd usually try again, and get another shot of water. She'd decide it wasnt' worth it and go get herself a toy tha she was allowed. But I was on top of her all the time and when I wasn't she was in the crate.


She was the most stubborn, willful puppy I've ever had. The backtalk was horrendous and vile! But if you show them strongly (but not abusively) who's boss they WILL respect it even if they don't like it.


I know of at least two people who I've told this to, who nodded and acted like they took it seriously and then ended up returning their whippet puppy. No matter what you tell people sometimes they just don't get it - so I always give everyone the WORST case scenario.


The other side of the coin was that a friend who got a whippet kept waiting for this evil horrible dog to come out. He was strong and willful, but I'd prepared her for so many months that what others would have seen as a horrible puppy, she just accepted (as she should have) as a normal puppy and worked with it.


I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out, but I think pinning a topic of what to expect is a great idea.


What NOT to expect.....A calm, quiet, well behaved dog - not until at LEAST 2!






sorry to hear it hasnt worked out for evie , as already said it was only a few days and wont disrupt her too much .

ok whippet puppies  


well Bliss dug a hole in my dining room wall right down to the brick !!!! i replasterd it , TWICE !!!! then gave up , now i have had it all tiled halway up , ha chew through that bliss !!!! no she hasnt yet !!


great at wood turning , my chair legs are now a really individual shape .


i must say the whole litter were housetrained at 10 weeks old though , they were great .


i can not have a bin in my kitchen as the contents will be everywhere .


will steal anything whenever she can ( still does at 13 months old )


i put soooo many people off when they were enquiring about the pups , when i told them what they were capable of i dont think they believed me , i had people saying " oh they look so quiet " and " really my friend has a whippet and its fine " yea but that whippet is 10 yrs old !!!!!


and the furniture , as said , on , off , on , off , wall of death round the living room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Sorry to hear about the pup I hope it finds the right home. Most if not all of what's been said rings true each pup is different but it's probably best to expect the worst. I've had two whipets one was a nightmare Ebb just seemed to want to please herself chewed everything in sight (including two remotes and half the plants in my garden) and was so slow to housetrain. I think she knew the concept but just couldn't be bothered she crapped in the hallway one fine summers day when I was doing paperwork upstairs and had left the front door wide open for her to go in the garden. So we got Kaspar expecting more of the same and he's been brilliant but I did use a crate more this time and found amongst other things I could control house training and of course chewing easier. To be fair to Ebb she came to a home with no dogs whereas Kaspar had company which must help. I think a common problem is some people just see cute fluffy pups and when cute and fluffy turns into a little pain in the arse that chews everything, whines, bites and generally leaves a trail of detruction in its wake the pup suddenly becomes less appealing.





This is the one that gets me every time! Puppy or adult, it doesn't matter, I can't sleep for a night or two before, and then spend the next week fretting!




They are worth it in the end though  

I can honestly say that Rifle (now aged 2 and a bit) was no worse than any other puppy I'd ever encountered and better than a lot! He was 12 weeks old when we got him, only a couple of accidents overnight, yes he chewed a few things but.. he was a puppy!! Leave them lying around and they are fair game! Never chewed furniture, well ok a little bit of a kitchen chair leg but nothing major. Sad thing is that some people are just not prepared for puppies behaving like naughty toddlers and that is exactly what most are! Mind you I still think I was blessed!!


Hi Guys and Gals.

Well I have read your hints tips and things about whippet puppies, Wow sounds just like my Springer Spaniel hes 10. I think these posts are great As I said in my intro I am about ready to do the deed and get a whippet. As for adverts I intend to get in touch with breeders not through the paper, or free adds.


I really want to see them in the litter, I done the same with my springer and he turned out to be a great dog. He taugh me all he knew ha ha. But thanks for the advice poste here, when I get my new charge I will give collateral damage reports as they happen.  


I Think the thing about whippet pups is they are soooooo naughty. They get all the naughtiness out at a young age though. mine are 20 and 12 months old now and they are very good dogs....with the occasional minxy moment.


They'd steal a prised possession of ours and dangle it at arms length knowing you've got no chance of catching them to get it back. And you can tell by the expression on their faces that they're enjoying every minute.


My girl constantly tried to climb up me when i was eating and eventually had to go into her cage whilst we ate, needless to say she protested about this with loud shriek's.


They have both taken over the sofa, my husband and i have a small space on each end, despite buying endless types of bed's for them.


A Whippet owns you, they are doing you the favour by being there.


I can remember the 10 wk old whirling dervish hairing around the house diving on and off the sofa.


The Holes they've dug in the garden and the defiant look they give you when you tell them not to bite that flowers head off, 1 year all my bedding plants were decapitated, done right in front of me, but i could not get there quick enough the moment i moved an inch the flower head was taken and i was sent dizzy by this whirlwind sending bits of flower flying in all directions, with the what a great game expression on a certain dogs face.


Oh and paper, loo rolls, letters. carrier bags anything that make a great noise when torn up are the best toys ever. I learnt to meet the postman at the door.


But you know what? i wouldn't have had it any other way, they are both lovely good dogs now, i hardly know i've got them..........but they have both had a lot of doggy training! maybe thats the key right from 14 weeks old.........the earlier you start and its good to socialise them, none of mine are aggressive due to puppy classes.


Don't be put off, as i nearly was by breeders ensuring i knew what i was taking on......Just be aware...they are lively little beauties






Not so sure about getting the naughtiness out early. Logan is now nearly 14 months and still an absolute tinker!

He is still very puppyish, but that is the one of the reasons we find him so adorable!





I was forewarned to expect terrible twos and even threes, just like with the kids, so I'm not expecting Finn to settle down for at least another 18 mths. That said he's actually fairly good.





over the years we have had loads of pups and can say they have all been different when we had brood bitches it was ok as they were with their mum but JJ only had 2 dogs 1st litter and 2nd litter same so we changed to dogs surprised that when bought a new puppy in it was sired By Sam the boys took to it very well but J J didnt want to know

the last 2 have been so different Skip has been good clean from the start and quiet and needed a lot of love still does has to be with me stands at the back of me in the kitchen when I sit down hes on my knee very quiet

he is now 10months

but the last one is 6monts old now has been a monster and still is went to the door went out then wees on the mat he is clean now but is never still when the others his Dad Sam ,Merlin who is 71/2 tolerets him for so long then scuffs him Sarah i and skip always plays with him but when they are all resting he will jump all over them and wants to play he waits till I get interested in the tv paws me to go out he does it just to annoy we have loads of cuddly toys and if noone is bothered with him knocks the life of leo the lion or mickey mouse

but I wouldnt be without them I love them when thay are pups pity they have to grow up




OK I am now quite scared!!

Thanks for all the info, I have read so many 'facts' when what I really want to know is the truth!

I am hoping to get a puppy in the summer when I have way more time for training and stuff. I knew whippet pups are mad but not that mad!!

My mums friend recently got a beautiful little whippet and she is adorable, she tears around the house for an hour then sleeps for an hour then starts off again! Its great fun!! I will hopefully see her more over the next few weeks to see what I am letting myself in for!

But when you see her cute little face your heart melts, poo, wee, furniture dont seem to matter anymore!

Thanks again, this info is invaluble.







What an excellent thread.


We see so many of the traits described in our little 12 week old Molly. She can certainly be hard work at times but we know it'll all be worth it in the end  










I agree, I just wish I had known exactly what to expect when our Molly arrived home. She is now 14 months and has settled down nicely, she still steals the odd sock and winges a bit when our cats appear.

I admit that it was tough to begin with. She was our first dog too, so it was a bit of a 'baptism of fire'.

I think the hardest part is not having the reassurance that you are doing things 'right' (whatever 'right' means!) and that your pup is 'normal' and not a little demon fiend that has been sent to test your response to sleep deprivation and psychological stamina.

So cute and yet so  if you know what I mean.


I LOVE Molly and am considering having another pup at some distant future time in the very far and distant future. (We are luck to have lots of playmates so no worries on that score).


Having said all that, I wouldn't give a SECOND of it back and she brings me joy and happiness every day. My life feels richer and fuller for having her in it. I consider myself very fortunate to have her, (Thanx to Jinx and Ruby's mum for introducing me to Whippets).


Things I would say to the struggling new pup owners out there are:


You are not alone, we are all here to help and support you.

Yes it is normal to find it hard, set the rules early.

Be prepared to love, live and learn together.

It will be worth the effort, that pup will become one of the best things you ever did.


OMG! How profound and preachy of me.

I am really very passionate about my Whippie.  Here's hoping we have many years together





A lot of what has already been written rings very true.

My whippet bitch Roxy:-

The biggest thief I've ever owned (had border collies and GSD's before)

Wall of death around the furniture.

Just decides to jump on you with all four feet when you are lying on the sofa asleep.

Shreds tissues and toilet rolls usually taking them out into the garden when they've stolen them.

Destroys every bed I put in her crate, ending with a crate full of fluffy white stuff.

Has destroyed phone charger, two seat belts in the car, two pairs of shoes, one pair of wellingtons, numerous washing up brushes and kitchen implements, the whole of the cushion floor in the kitchen was shredded.

The electric cable on my garden shredder, and my dyson.

Whenever anything goes missing I usually find it at the top of the garden.

Tho she is getting better and is getting quite selective her favourite at the moment is a sliced loaf stolen off the kitchen work surfaces when my back is turned for just a fraction of a second. She doesn't eat it just takes it up the garden to feed the birds.

She hasn't dug a single hole in my lawn but has wrecked my fathers and my sons lawns with holes big enough to bury a JCB, dug in the blink of an eye.

Having said all this she wasn't anwhere near as bad as my first GSD pup who ate an entire kitchen and took nearly a year to house train.


On the plus side.

Not as quick as a border collie to obedience training but quicker than any GSD I have owned.

Not very good on the recall as she is the one who decides that it's time to go home. But has picked up very quickly on key words like, Walk, Dinner, Ball, Rabbit. We are still working on Sit, Down, Stay! Tho we understand NO! but often choose to ignore it.

Was quickly house trained, tho she refuses to go out if it's raining, has to be picked up and put out.

Doesn't cost a fortune to feed unlike GSD's.

She is the most affectionate dog I've ever had, she just craves your touch.

She is small enough to share the sofa tho shes not very particular where she sticks her claws.

She loves kids and people in general tho I wish she wasn't such a Tart.

She greets every visitor like a long lost friend.

Sleeps for England.

All in all by far the best pup I've ever owned, she should calm down by the time she's 12.

The best fun you can have with your clothes on.

Watching her run with my sons whippet is pure magic.

Would I ever consider any other breed again?








oh what a shame that this has happened, but i must say that having had a collie and a spaniel puppy in the past that a whippet puppy is quite something else. Flint was really mad like a tornado we bought him home late at night because the breeder couldnt sell him he was 9 or ten weeks old and we expected him to be quiet and nervous but how wrong were we!!! Because we hadnt planned to have a puppy at that time we had nothing for him yet, exept a matress that we took off the spare bed for him to sleep on and a few toys from our whippet that we had lost 6 months previously.

His legs were running before we had even put him on the floor and he seemed to have 3 speeds fast faster and crash!

However having said this whippet puppies are such fun and soooo adorable that you cant help but forgive them for all their crimes. And the hard work is so worth it now at 3 years old he is the most adorable friendly and quiet dog you will ever meet he hardly ever barks but he does such pathetic things that has us in stiches.

Whippets are hard work but they really are worth the effort as you will never have a more loyal and sensitive friend.





Maybe if I had read this thread BEFORE I got our pup I would have had second thoughts!! We had a greyhound before and he was so laid back, slept almost all day. We thought whippets were just miniature greyhounds!


To be honest I've been quite depressed since bringing him home two weeks ago as he doesn't seem to listen to anything we say. We get barked and growled at when we tell him off, and yes he is a whirlwind! I see from reading this thread this is quite common tho so that has made be feel a bit better. It's not just me then??


My main concern is that if he is being naughty and I try to grab him by the collar to remove him from the situation, he tries to nip me, quite often succeeding. He has terrified my young niece jumping up and knocking her over, then walking all over her! I am scared he bites someone. Is this something that will settle down as well? He was 13 weeks when we got him and is great at sleeping through the night, and going outside for the toilet. Can't take him out for walks yet as he still hasn't had all his jags.








Don't worry B it will settle down.

You pup has to learn who's boss.


Molly was very tenacious as a pup and I had a real bad time myself for the first few months. She was our first dog so wasn't sure what to expect.

I actually decided to re-home her at one point and it's only because my brother said he would have her if we couldn't cope any more that I had the breathing space to try for a little longer.


I'm so glad I did. I couldn't imagine life without her now. She's the best thing that ever happened to us.


I think the most important word to use when training is a simple 'no'. It can be applied to anything you don't want them to do and there can be no confusion.


Hang in there. If you can't cope I'll have him.  







I find a very loud clap right above a pups head when it's misbehaving, coupled with a firm/stern NO works really well ... better than grabbing at their collars. Tyg has learnt this way that chewing people, furniture, doorframes, etc. is most definitely not allowed ... it's a kind of aversion therapy.