Nice to hear there are lots of people with the same problems and that all say they get better eventually.


Most annoying thing:

Noticing something out of the corner of my eye, and then realising too late that it is a flying whippet who has launched herself at me and then lands in my lap spilllng my cup of tea all over me!


Nicest thing:

When she is tired and curls up on my lap and licks me until she falls asleep.


To all new owners who think the weeing will never stop, I thought that too and then suddenly it just did!


Hang on in there.


Poppys Mum


I'm sitting here reading this, with Bobby curled up next to me looking like butter wouldnt melt in his mouth. This afternoon he went out like a good little boy and done a poo in the garden. I grabbed a couple of nappy sacks to clear it up and bobby nicked them out of my hand, and ran around the garden looking very proud of himself. After getting a couple of new sacks i picked up the poo and yes you guessed it bobby nicked it out of my hand. If any neighbours had been watching i'm sure they would have had a good old laugh, naughty whippet pup, running round and round garden with bag full of poo in his mouth, running through the poo thats still on the grass absolutely covered in it and owner standing there thinking " what do i do first "lol.

Yes Bobby can be naughty, but he does it in such a funny way i cant stay cross with him for too long




I have just been reading through this post again. It all started with my Dotty. (Evie) Well that was a year ago now and I can honestly say that I have never once regretted having her. She still isn't the easiest of whippets, she still steals and chews things up. I still put her in a cage if I go out, or she will happily trash the place. But she is so loving and eager to please and very beautiful of course. She is a lovely girl. So if anyone thinks that they have made a mistake by having a puppy, just hang in there, and persevere. It will be worth it in the end. Even the naughtiest ones can be your best friend. Flo.






i must be the odd one out, i have 5 whippets and can honestly say they have been a joy i dont own a crate and i dont have a single piece of furniture chewed non are super hyper and they all house trained well i wonder if it is down to how they are fed mine go straight on to raw from day one, this not a brag just being honest i would certainly never have bought another if i had experienced some of the problems previous posters had






Mine all eat raw, some of mine are very laidback and some quite the opposite! I think it is more to do with lines - but of course the wrong feeding can certainly make an average whippet a lot more hyper!!






Little alfie used to have a fetish for stealing bra's and knickers. it was always quite embarrassing when i'd have guests over and they would find them in the most absurd places!


leather shoes were his favourites (always the most expensive ones) i've been told they like the feel of the leather better than synthetic shoes and is why they chew and distroy your best ones.


going threw the bin at night is another favourite which he hasn't grown out of yet


occasionally he used to jump up on the kitchen bench as i used to keep his dog food on top of the fridge (quite the mountain climber)


most of these he has grown out of and is now the perfect dog but i must say his cheeky side was rather cute


Leah & Alf




Hi, just wanted to add a bit about whippet pups. I have had dogs for last 12 years and when I lost my Jack Russel in august last year I was heartbroken. My lurcher collie cross of 11yrs was equally sad! I decided to get a whippet puppy and my old girl Topaz was instantly cheered by the happy liitle boy I brought home. As long as he didnt want to play with her, eat near her sleep near her etc. On feeling he needed more than topaz company wise I got another whippet pup in december. They have ruined 4 prs of slippers, numerous pens, make up items, bits of clothing, small wear and tear on the furniture. All cushions now R.I.P. etc etc. The house is now top heavy because at 6 and 10 mths they can reach almost chest height so its all up high now! My boy Bailey housetrained easily but is very very chewy and fairly boisterous. Willow 6mth bitch is much calmer, gentler, but destuffing is her crime of choice. Shes still not fully housetrained. They playfight like a couple of stags, chase each other round the house and generally cause mayhem! That said I cant remember when I last smiled or laughed as much as these last few months. I take them to dog training classes. I walk more. I love more. I cant wait to get home to see them even if I havent been out long. They are endlessly happy dogs and it rubs of on you. And the best bit Topaz (my old lurcher x) has learnt to play chase again, but only when SHE fancies it!! To sum up my lengthy tale. Hard work, sleepless nights, lots of cleaning up and bruised legs. But having had a whippet I wouldnt want anything else now. Worth all the effort but you have to be prepared for it.






Hi I'm Elsie,


I'm getting my first whippet soon,


I was scamming through the chat and saw people mentioning crate training, do you think they should be crate trained my parents have a Mastiff and he was crate trained so they think he (my whippet) should be but I'm not sure if just want him to lye on my bed while were out?



Hi Elsie and welcome to the forum. Do you know when you're getting your whippie?


I opted for crate training and don't regret it. They regard it as their den and a nice place to be. The problem is when you're out you don't know what they'll get up to. You may have this picture of them lying happliy in your bed unitl your return, but the reality can be quite different!  


Cumbria star


Here are a few:


hanging off the washing line.


Running round and round in circles!


Running and jumping onto the sofa.


I'm sure i'll think off some more.






I am hopefully getting a pup soon and i have been looking at play pens for when i am out, but looking at the pens the sides arent that high and reading everyones stories it looks as if a pup could be quite the escape artist. Also 1 of my greyhounds is extremly cheeky and i wouldnt put it past her helping a puppy escape to cause havoc around the house. Should i opt for a crate instead? I looked the idea of the pen as i can fold it away when i am home but a crate is always out.


I dont think my husband would cope if he came home to a chewed up kitchen!


Are whippets really destructful? My friend has a puppy terrier and he has actually chewed a hole in the wall and ripped her wallpaper off most of the hallway.





Hi Colette,


Crates are fantastic and a lot safer than a pen. If you are around then pens are fantastic in that they generally offer a larger area. However, whippet pups have been known to escape from them quite easily (I'm talking from experience of seeing it done by a litter I know lol) and so they would not be 'safe' when you are out.


When I have a pup I use a crate, and I don't keep it up all the time. They are just as easy to quickly fold flat as a pen.


As far as whippets being destructive......they are all different. Three of mine have never chewed a thing, but one was so blatantly naughty he did this while my teenage son was in the room! I know teenage boys can be distracted, but COME ON lol!






















Notice there is no remorse lol!!


I've never had any other damage in the house having had four puppies so not bad really, but generally I kept a close eye on them and kept them occupied.





eek! I am new to the forum and have just got my whippet puppy. we've had him for nearly 2 weeks now and so far he has been really sweet, I am just waiting for the terror to be unleashed! especially after reading this thread! he seems to be really happy, plays a lot but also sleeps a lot. Does this continue or is it because he is only 10 weeks old?


I try to give him lots of exercise in the garden to tire him out which seems to be working so far. If he is not with me (supervising) then he is in the kitchen with the safety of his crate and toys. though I haven't shut him in yet as I read that they can't control their pee muscle until 16 weeks so it wouldn't be fair - any advice on this?


he whines a yelps a little when I leave him but then settles. I am with him an awful lot though as I work from home. I am fully prepared for invasion of the house destroyer but am quietly hoping he will continue in the same vein! haven't got any pictures online but will upload some as soon as i get my bum in gear



I had a playpen for Jethro when he was a puppy, but within weeks he managed to jump out.


Are whippets destructive??


Well, Ziva, whilst we were out the other day:


Wee'd on the floor, poo'd on the floor, got my new ink cartridge chewed this, getting ink everywhere, and to top it off, chased the cat, who then tipped the sugar bowl over..


Generally though, my 2 are pretty good!!


this is a great read,i have only had olly for a week today and i keep him in a crate as he like to try rip up my hall carpet which is old anyways and i didnt want to replace it untill i had trained the pup so glad as the first thing he did was pull a thread which lead to this is good lets try again so i spend my evenings teachin him not too also he does get very excited so i calm him down by teachin tricks paw,sit and also wait and he is coming on great. i will say that when we all go into the livinroom he stays in his bed which was next to the radiator but i moved it last nyt as he wouldnt come out at bed time,i have to pick him up and put him outside before returning him to his crate which is in the hall.even then he will whine to get back into the livingroom. no problems with tiolet training today he try'd to get the door open himself but failed so he cry'd he was with mum till 11 weeks so i think he thinks the radiator is mummy. he still gets up in the nyt 2 mmaybe 3 times so we are all shattered but he is worth it.thanks for the great read its all very helpfull.  






wow, I just read my post again as haven't looked at this thread since then - 2 years ago! he really did continue to be the easy puppy! I guess I got lucky!


teaching tricks to tire him out and keep his mind occupied is a very good idea, and as for your hall carpet loose threads can be extremely tempting so maybe some carpet tape until he's lost interest!





Thanks to all of you who posted on here, I have found it really useful. I am planning to get a whippet puppy in the near future and it has given me a much more realistic idea of what it might be like! I want to go in to this with my eyes wide open and fully prepared. Is there any difference in behaviour between male and female puppies, or are they all little terrors in the early days?





I have a 15month old whippet bitch & thinking of getting another puppy soon, I had forgotten about all the naughty things Flo had done until I read this!

She has eaten 3 pairs of expensive shoes, she doesn't like the cheap ones, I have a cheap pair of shoes that are always on the bedroom floor & she won't touch them! But my soft leather riding boots she will chew while they are on my feet! Also my expensive high heels, (even if they are in a zipped up bag) - must have been a little hole for her nose to get through! But a cheap pair of heels from primark, will pick them up & drop them again.

I have lost count how many chewed up pens & crayons I have found

Then she started to stand on the chair in my bedroom to reach my dressing table, make up brushes taste good, as does mascara,

The amount of socks I find in the garden is amazing, she used to empty the wash basket, to find my riding clothes to sleep with in her bed.

She really does love bras knickers & socks, I have picked up a few bras & found them in half.

On the plus side the house has never been so tidy, if it's not picked up & put away then its fair game for Flo!

She was also a nightmare to house train, sometimes I thought she would never get it!

But we have never laughed so much, she gives so much pleasure to me, my boyfriend & my daughter.

Flo & my daughter had a shaky start, she started to nip her & would only listen to me or my boyfriend, so we had to work hard on teaching Macey how to handle her.

Macey has been doing child handler at the dog shows & does well with her.

Now they are thick as theives always playing together in the garden & causing mayhem.

Looks like we are going to go through it all again in a few months! - are we mad, yes, we are whippet crazy!

At least we will now learn from our mistakes with Flo.



I have to admit, reading the first post on this thread... I have thought of giving Banana back... It's an embarrassing thing to say, because she is a lovely puppy, except for the fact she whines a ridiculous lot when I have to go out to work. She completely flips out, which isn't good if you have neighbours, especially when you have a job like me, where sometimes you have to start your shift at 4am. Thankfully, I just got a new flatmate, as I was having a nervous breakdown almost every day about having to move on without Banana. She's a lovely puppy, who knows the meaning of NO! Never had any trouble with her chewing my stuff. Caught her nibbling on a few things she shouldn't but she immediately let go when I said no.

So glad the flatmate is here, came at the nick of time! And she has a puppy too, so Banana will always have a little companion, even if we're both out of the house! But the best thing is, my flatmate's work schedule is completely compatible with mine, so there will rarely be a day when they will be completely alone for more than a couple of hours. Bliss!





This thread is really good except I've not encountered the really bad behaviour in any of the whippet's I've had but then i've got Beagle's and if you think a whippet puppy is hard work,get a Beagle first and a whippet will seem like a dream.


The thing for new owners to remember is that they're baby dogs,they test everything with mouths and teeth,that's just normal puppy exploration and they don't know they're being destructive,it's not some deliberate act of revenge etc......


they also find their voices and make all kinds of racket, again it's mostly an exercise of discovery...they shriek,you come back...next time you don't come straight back they shriek louder and you return and they discover that it works even if you come back and scold them....LOL....as I recall Merlin was a bit of a shrieker for quite some time.....


when they're little they can get into all kinds of scrapes due to their inquisitive natures but none of it is on purpose,it's just their sense of adventure....I think nervous new owners confuse puppy behaviour with acts of wilfull sabotage.....nothing a puppy does is meant to wind you up,it's just little dogs on their journey of discovery.....


i read up everything I could lay my hands on about Beagle's before getting one and I spoke to breeders and owners as well but I was still surprised by some of the things my first Beagle Parker did........It doesn't matter how much research a person does before getting a puppy, there are the the kind that can cope with anything and there are those that can't it's just a shame they don't realise that before they invite a little furry person into their home.....


Whippets Rule