MY SHOWING CAREER SO FAR by Hannah Wayman (Hannahbelle)



















I started dog showing in 2008 Handling Lottie (Pipijay Starlight of Scarletfair JW ShCM) to 1st in Open bitch and BOB at Evesham at my first show, She belonged to my nan and auntie. I won so many prizes with her as she was the only one I was showing at the time, in the breed and the handling classes, and also qualifying for Crufts and Richmond several times.


In 2009 I was asked by Tracy Chamberlain to show Ruso (Buebezi French Connexion to Alacrity) at Crufts and I was looking forward to it so much as it was my first Crufts and First time showing Ruso. I arrived at Crufts with my Auntie and saw Ruso and had a practice in the ring before going in. He went well but still, I was nervous.


A few hours had passed and it was now time to take him in Post grad! We went in the ring with our own little fan group waiting outside. He was so good, we then had to stand our dogs up and wait for the shortlist. We were shortlisted into the last 6, so one had to go out without a place and I was hoping it wouldn't be us. The judge moved us up and down and then we had to stack our dogs again, 1st place went, then 2nd, 3rd and 4th and me and Ruso were left with another dog.


Everyone outside the ring were all waiting to see if Me and Ruso would get placed and we did, 5th in a huge post Grad class at CRUFTS!!!! I came out the ring smiling so much but I then also had to take him into the Racing and Coursing class. We went in and as we all had been already seen we only had to move up and down and then stand our dogs but this time we weren't 5th, or 4th, 3rd, or 2nd we were 1st!!! I just couldn't believe it! We had won a first place at Crufts. "A first place at my 1st Crufts" is something I know a lot of people wouldn't be able to say.






















In May the same year was my birthday and I got my first ever little whippet to my self and she was called Polly (Scarletfair Silver Star). I started to show her in the handling and the Breed qualifying for CRUFTS. So then I was showing Polly and her Mum Lottie.

















Later that year I showed Lottie at Richmond in the handling to 2nd place in the 6-11 years again my first time. Later on I showed her to 1st in Veteran bitch in the breed and my auntie showed her to 1st in the veteran stakes.


I won a lot of handling classes with the girls and places in the breed. In 2011 I got Lizzie (Cornstalk Magic Star at Scarletfair JW)

for my 12th birthday and showed her qualifying me for the handling at Crufts. I also then started to show Leo (Beetelian  Indian Brave JW). I gained 1st and Best junior handler at a few breed shows and also all breed champ and open shows with the Scarletfair team.





















I have showed most of the Scarletfair show team;

Scarletfair One Knight JW

Scarletfair Sea Sprite

Scarletfair Silver Star

Cornstalk Magic Star at Scarletfair JW

Beetelian Indian Brave JW

Pipijay Starlight of Scarletfair JW ShCM


In 2012 I qualified for Crufts 2013 for the Handling showing Lizzie and both of my girls are now qualified for Crufts for life. I have only been showing 4 years and have achieved a lot of things I never even dreamed of and I have enjoyed it so much, I wish to carry

on my hobby for years to come as I hope other people do to.


Hannah Wayman (Hannahbelle)




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