LOOKING FOR A WHIPPET PUPPY... by Cathie (Bluestreak Whippets)



Looking for a whippet puppy...



Here are some tips for anybody out there looking for a puppy, who hasn't had one before.

This is what the process should entail


Before you get an invitation to visit the litter you should have a detailed conversation with the breeder who should ascertain that you have thought carefully about your choice of a whippet, what your garden is like (fences should be mentioned), what the family thinks about the potential new arrival....and so on. If the breeder asks no question then they don't care enough. Move on to another breeder.


So when you visit a breeder no matter if you find them on epupz or through a breed club secretary: this is what you should see


1. Happy healthy clean adult dogs in the house in clean beds.

2 Spotless puppy accommodation . If it is not clean when you look in, the breeder should be right there with the mop and the newspaper to freshen up. You should be able to see where the puppies are being reared

3. Plump healthy bouncy shiny puppies.

4. Evidence that the puppies socialise with older dogs, maybe a few brought into the house while you are there.

5. CLEAN water bowls (don't laugh) no algae or encrusted bits.

6. Neatly trimmed nails on the dogs.

7. Clean teeth

8. If you decide that you want one of the puppies you should get a lesson in nail clipping.

9. You should be asked many questions about your home, garden, lifestyle relevant to the puppy having a happy life with you.


If you get a puppy, this is what you should be given (particularly if you are a first time whippet owner)


1. A bag of the food they are eating, with feeding information

2. Puppy insurance & exhortations to continue with same

3. Detailed puppy notes covering aspects of whippet care and behaviour, first aid kit list, excersise requirements etc etc.

4. A collar and maybe a toy

5. A plea from the breeder that you phone them with even the smallest worry.

6. A list of questions from the breeder before you pick up the puppy about traveling crates, sleeping arrangements etc for the pup

7. Pedigree and registration documents (sometimes these follow on later)

8. A guarantee that the breeder will take the puppy back at any time.


I would add for working whippets that the breeder could possibly run the 7 week temperament test which helps to pick out the puppy's desire to chase and determination levels. I have seen it done and it is pretty indicative.


One more thing...No breeder should say that a puppy is guaranteed show quality until 6 months old. Just my not so humble opinion


If you don't get the above you probably shouldn't be getting a puppy from that breeder!



Bluestreak Whippets