A DREAM COME TRUE by Helen Wayman (Dolly)


Well where do I start?


Anyone who shows dogs must of heard of crufts!! I always remeber it was my dream to take a whippet to Crufts. I even wrote to Jim'll Fix It, please could I walk my whippet Penny on the green carpet at Crufts because I would never be able to qualify a dog to there!


Well 10 years later I did manage to qualify a dog for crufts, amazing, fantastic I thought. Off we went, showed our dog, didn't get a place, but that didnt matter we were there. Next year qualified again, wow this was good, maybe we might get pulled out, even a card to take home!! No such luck !


Over the next years we got cards VHC, Reserve, Third, Second but sadly no First. But this was ok, we got something. It was that time again. March 2006, Crufts was upon us.


Little did I know how the next 12 hours were going to make all my dreams come true and so much more!!


I was showing two dogs, my Harry (Scarletfair One Knight) and his Dad Hottie (CH Fullerton Heavenly Mover ) belonging to Major Rob Bailey. Harry was in special puppy dog so he would be in first. Got him ready, lead on, quick rub over with some silk (not telling you what) and he was in. It was a big class with 17 entries and one absent, so I thought how great to get a card. The judge went over each dog carefully moving them and then she made a shortlist of about 7, we were in!!


Great , then she moved her shortlisted dogs again, I thought please Harry be good, he was, no jumping up or pratting about, phew. After she had moved each one, she went to the table and picked up her judging book and came over to my direction. My heart was beating so loud I thought I cant beleive it, it was Harry, she pulled him out first. Off we went into 1st position while she placed the others, already people had started taking photos of him. I thought hang on she hasnt said, yes, this is my decision, but she quickly did.


That was it Harry had won Special Puppy Dog at Crufts, my first first at crufts........